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Framing specifications

Print on durable art canvas - 360gms

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1. Wooden frame with plexiglass

High-quality and solid picture frame made of black wood with unbreakable glossy plexiglass indistinguishable from glass, into which the map is inserted on a matt canvas. Black frames are a traditional and any map put inside will look better than ever.

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2. Magnetic holder - wood

Black wooden magnetic frame - wallhanger, modern alternative to the traditional frame are the perfect companions for your map. Attachment at the top and bottom with easy installation, just connect the magnets and hang it!

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3. Stretching the canvas on the inner frame - wood

Durable art canvas is hand-stretched on the inner wooden and solid frame. Its characteristic surface meets the requirements of even the most demanding fan of wall decorations. Thanks to the printed side edges, the picture can be hung on the wall immediately without having to frame it in advance.

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Help for creating a map in the editor

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Basic help for the editor

The editor works similarly to google maps or OSM -> you search for a location and you can use the mouse or fingers to navigate to the exact place and zoom directly in the preview.

1) Attention, what you see in the editor will be displayed on your map when printing, no need to ask for a preview. When the order is made, the design is saved and ready for print.

2) If you cant find your place, try a village or town nearby and use your fingers or the mouse to navigate to your place directly in the preview.

3) Caption, label and coordinate fields in the first tab:
" Location and text" do not change the position of the map! Please check the preview to see if the correct location is shown.

Print on durable art canvas - 360gms

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